Module 3: Pulmonology- Gender and Tobacco related Disease

Pulmonary diseases like chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) and lung cancer display a very unfavourable trend in the near future; they show a worldwide increase both in morbidity and mortality. Epidemic statistics predict that COPD will be number three in year 2020 among the diseases with the highest incidence world wide. Furthermore lung cancer has established its role as the most common and aggressive form of solid tumors. The analysis of gender based coping strategies with lung disease is of interest to battle disease burden.
Data about sex and gender differences in clinical management of pulmonary diseases are very rare. Considerably more data exist about topics like epidemiology, pathophysiology and management. Use this module to explore the relationship between gender and health related behaviours .


Author: Ute Seeland
ExpertProf. Christian Grohé

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